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Heat rises throughout your home, and when it get trapped within your ceiling, it can make the whole house significantly warmer. This isn’t ideal, especially during the hotter months of the year, which can extend from spring to late fall in Kansas City. The solution for most homeowners is to find an attic ventilation contractor in Kansas City to keep the air flowing through their home. Above All Construction can help you find that perfect balance between a well-insulated roof and a well-ventilated one!

There are many products that can be used to ventilate your roof, including roof ridge vents, soffit vents, and rainscreen siding ventilation systems. Briefly, we’ll describe each of them here, but the only way to know which roof ventilation system is right for your home or business is to sit down with an attic ventilation contractor in Kansas City, such as the ones from Above All Construction, and let them take into account every detail of a structure in order to recommend the most effective ventilation system.

We install many different types of roof and attic ventilation. Here are some of the main facts about each of our most popular product types:

  • Roof Ridge Vents

    Roof ridge vents help to redistribute the condensation that can build up in your attic. This can cause dark water spots to develop on your roof, spots that usually indicate a roof leak. An effective roof ridge vent prevents you from making costly repairs in the future, and it will keep mold and mildew at bay as well.

  • Soffit Vents

    These vents, located under the eaves of the roof, can be used in combination with other attic ventilation components to draw in fresh air. They reduce the amount of work your air conditioner has to do since the attic is being cooled by a continuous stream of air.

  • Power Vents

    Attic fans can also help to remove hot air from your attic. Traditional attic fans are powered by electricity, which is a decent way to remove that heat, but more modern designs are utilizing solar power to rotate the fans, which is an ideal scenario for home efficiency and homeowners interested in being more environmentally friendly.

We specialize in all sorts of roof and attic ventilation, from the simplest constructions to modern conventions such as rainscreen siding systems. From the company that offers the highest quality roofing and construction services in Kansas City, you can now also get the most reliable attic ventilation solutions! Contact us if you’re looking for a sensible, cost effective solution for cooling your attic, we can offer a wide range of ventilation options that are suitable for your home or business.

If you’ve already made the decision to add attic ventilation, you’ll need a company that knows exactly what to do to give you the maximum benefits of an attic ventilation system. Your search for the best attic ventilation contractor in Kansas City is over! Above All Construction’s contractors are here to help, with sensible solutions that will benefit your home or business in more ways than one.

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