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A Kansas City patio enclosure contractor can do more than just renovate your home. If you choose Above All Construction, you can add new life to your home in any one of a few ways! Talk to us today about the wide range of options for creating a patio enclosure that is beyond your wildest dreams! From simple sunrooms to a four season patio enclosure that can be used for family gathering and entertaining all year long, we have ideas to suit your needs and budget!

Do I Need a Patio Enclosure?

It’s hard to capture in words how beautiful and serene a sunroom or enclosed porch can be. That’s why we always recommend that potential customers talk with our Kansas City sunroom contractors to see photos of our previous work and hear the benefits of all the different patio enclosure options. We want to make sure that we leave customers 100% satisfied with their addition, so we start from the beginning working toward that elusive goal!

The answer to your question, “Do I need a patio enclosure?” is absolutely! Your new sunroom or three season patio enclosure will most likely be your family’s new favorite room. Not only will you be adding more square footage to your home, but you will also be adding a unique living space that combines the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of inside. Patio enclosures are the perfect place for relaxing, reading, studying, enjoying your morning coffee, or catching up with friends. If you have children or pets playing in the yard, you can comfortably observe them while sitting in your new sunroom or patio.

There are no limitations on what your new sunroom or patio could mean for you and your loved ones, but one thing is true: the space will bring you years of enjoyment! We never hear customers say that they regret the decision to add a sunroom or enclosed porch to their home, nor do they regret the decision to hire us as their patio enclosure builders!

Hire the Best for the Best Results

Kansas City patio cover installation can be a complicated job sometimes, as is always the case when you are adding on to an existing structure. There are existing issues to work around, including the structure itself, plus electrical and plumbing lines. Only a seasoned team like Above All Construction can work around your current structure’s features in order to give you a dreamy place, right inside your own home, to spend your time!

Our Kansas City sunroom installation team is second to none. We hire the best contractors available so that our customers will be in good hands from beginning to end! Above All Construction is fully committed to our customers’ satisfaction, so we jump right in with courteous, attentive customer service agents, and we move customers through the project with a professional, experienced team that is full of sound advice whenever the customer requires it. With our help, your three or four season patio enclosure will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Why choose Above All Construction?

We offer our customers many things. Among them, satisfaction and a guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to make their new sunroom or patio enclosure look exactly like the want it to. It’s your home, after all, so you should be the one who gets the final say in how it turns out!

Check out our reviews online or, if you’d like to speak with someone in person about their Above All Construction experience, we can also put you in contact with some Kansas City references. These happy customers are more than willing to share their individual experience with potential customers to let them know how Above All Construction gave them an amazing space for their homes.

Another great reason to choose us is that we are some of the only Kansas City sunroom contractors who will work with your budget! Just because you (or we) think an idea is great, that doesn’t always mean that it is within your price range. We can present you with more than one option within your budget so that you don’t feel like you have to settle for the bare minimum, because that’s certainly not the case!

Finally, choose us because we do in-home, written estimates. If you really want to know what you’re getting into before making your final decision, then an estimate is a must! We don’t mind giving you the details about how much work will be involved and how much we expect it to cost well before you commit to the project.

Which Type of Patio Enclosure is Best?

You can probably guess what we’ll say here…there is no “right” answer! Depending on your home’s positioning, the amount of sunlight the room will receive, and how many months of the year you intend to use it, your answer could vary widely even from your next door neighbor’s.

We typically do a three season patio enclosure for homeowners who won’t be using the space much during the winter or for those who have the means to heat the room during those coldest months. Four season rooms are true home additions. They cost a little more to build, but they can be effectively heated and cooled throughout the year, making them more useful no matter what time of year it is. We can also take an existing porch and either screen it in or enclose it with glass or windows.

Depending on a wide range of factors, any one of these options may best suit your home and family. We recommend sitting down with a Kansas City patio enclosure contractor like Above All Construction long before you get your heart set on one option or the other. Your expectation can have as much to do with your satisfaction with the final product as our workmanship, so make sure you work with the best from beginning to end!

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