Looking for a Kansas City Roofing Contractor?

The roof is the most important protective feature of your home. You should only trust its installation and repair to the very best. But how do you find the best? If you’re wondering what to look for in a Kansas City roofer so that you can be confident in the work they do, keep reading!
tile roof in kansas city
There are some things that may be on your wish list but aren’t necessarily required for a roofing contractor to be good at their job. For example, experience is something that you want from a roofing specialist, but the truth is that everyone starts somewhere and even a less experienced roofer can still be skilled and adept at all aspects of roofing. Experience is just one of those things that it takes time to acquire.
However, there are some things that you can’t compromise on when you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Kansas City or any of the surrounding suburbs:

The company must have insurance.

Dealing with a company that doesn’t have insurance is dangerous in more ways than one. If they don’t have enough concern for their own safety and that of their employees, chances are that they aren’t going to give your home or business the care or attention you hope for.

They should be locally owned and operated.

You may not think this is a must, but we think it is. Trying to coordinate with an out-of-town contractor can extend the project far beyond the normal completion window. Another bonus of choosing a local contractor is that they will have a vested interest in your home since they call Kansas City home, too!

Their prices should be competitive, not low.

The company with the lowest rates may not be the best. Maybe they are honest roofers trying to get started in a competitive field, but you just never know. Think value when it comes to pricing. Don’t necessarily choose the lowest price unless it truly is offered by excellent craftspeople.

The company should offer free, written estimates.

Are there really any companies left on the planet that charge for estimates? We hope not! Above All Construction considers a written estimate something that is necessary for a customer to make a wise decision about the company that will best suit their needs. If a company wants to charge you for an estimate or refuses to put the details in writing, walk away.

They should communicate with you.

When you call or email, your roofing contractor should get back with you promptly. Because of the nature of the work, you can’t expect them to pick up the phone on the first ring every time, but you should expect to have messages relayed and calls returned within 24-48 hours at the very least.
If you see that all of these areas are fulfilled, you have found yourself a stellar Kansas City roofer! You’ll thank yourself time and time again for giving a little extra effort to find the very best roofer for the job!