Looking for The Best Gutters for Your Home in Kansas City?

Choosing the right gutters to put on your new home or to replace existing ones can be a bigger undertaking than you bargain for. Checking with professional roofers and handyman services like Above All Construction can give you some insight into the leading brands and newest developments in the field. You can also rely on the experiences of friends, neighbors, and family members who may have recently remodeled the exterior of their home and can tell you specific prices and performance of their selected gutters.

Best Gutters for Your Home

Above All Construction can give you information on any of the following types of gutters and recommend the best option based on your budget, the life expectancy you have for your gutters, and the how the gutters will look attached to your home.



Vinyl gutters are an inexpensive option that are easy to install, meaning that the bravest do-it-yourselfers can take on vinyl gutter installation with little or no problem. Homeowners can also appreciate the fact that vinyl doesn’t rust or corrode. Vinyl is a lightweight option for your home as well, making it an all-around good choice. However, vinyl isn’t recommended for cold climates since freezing temperatures can make them crack.



Aluminum gutters aren’t a bad choice either. They are light like vinyl, and they won’t rust because of their factory coating. In addition to the coating, aluminum gutters can be painted to match your home, and there are seamless options available. Aluminum gutters can withstand colder temperatures that vinyl ones, but you will pay a little more for that benefit.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel gutters are a more expensive option than either of the former two, but they are also stronger and more resistant to damages, making them worth the price in the long run. Rust is not a concern with stainless still either, so they are definitely worth the money if you have the extra to spend.



Some homeowners choose copper gutters because they are historically accurate in a restored home or simply because they look great with recent exterior upgrades. Copper gutters and downspouts are expensive, but they are eye-catching details that enhance the appearance of any home.


Consider the aesthetic you want to achieve with your new gutters, or, if appearance is secondary to function for you, you can weigh your options based on price and ease or speed of installation. Figure in the total amount of area to be covered, including downspouts to get the most accurate estimate. You may also want to consider adding matching gutter systems to your detached garage or storage building to unify the appearance of your property while you will already be doing part of the work anyway.


The best gutters are only as good as their installation, so make sure that you know what you’re doing if you decide to install new gutters yourself, and if you will be trusting a professional to handle the work, check references to make sure that they have a long list of satisfied customers!