The name Kansas City was given to this city after the Kansa Indians who settled along the Missouri River. Here you will find a mixture of the old and the new, a blend of the city and the prairie, as the city contains plenty of fascinating history as well as modern additions. 

If you are planning to visit Kansas City MO, it might be nice to learn some fun facts to help boost your excitement before heading this way. 

Shopping Malls Started in Kansas City

The first suburban shopping mall in the world was constructed in Kansas City MO. This mall is named the Country Club Plaza and was designed in 1922. The idea was to accommodate shoppers who arrive by car, an idea that later spread throughout the world. 

Today, the Country Club Plaza features Spanish architecture that spreads over a 15-block district. Here you will find plenty of restaurants, a movie theatre, over 150 stores as well as various live performances held throughout the mall. 

The Headquarters of Hallmark 

The oldest and largest greeting card company in the USA is located in Kansas City, MO.Hallmark was founded by Joyce Clyde Hall who came to Kansas City with two shoeboxes full of postcards in 1910. The company was named Hall Brothers later on when Clyde’s brother Rollie Hall joined it.

The First Drawings of Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney was nine years old when he moved to Kansas City MO with his family. His first official work with cartoon characters began in 1920 when he started producing animated cartoons called the Laugh-O-Gram with his mentor. 

It is said that the studio where he worked had a small mouse that often visited him, which is actually what inspired him to create his most popular character Mickey Mouse. 

City of Fountains

Kansas City is also called the “City of Fountains” because it has more fountains than any other city in the USA. There are over 200 fountains in this city, which range from large ornate-looking fountains to simple ones that are hidden away in neighborhood parks. After the winter hibernation, Kansas City holds a Fountain Day and on that day, most of these fountains are turned back on again. 

Paris of the Plains

Another nickname given to Kansas City is “Paris of the Plains” because it contains 132 miles of boulevards running throughout it.

Besides Paris itself, Kansas City has more boulevards than any other city. It obtained so many boulevards after George E. Kessler redesigned the city system that allowed traffic to continue without interfering with the green spaces. 

KC During Prohibition

Kansas City was not affected during the time of prohibition as it ignored the prohibition altogether and did not close the bar scene. Drinking, gambling, and all night jazz sessions continued in Kansas City during these years as it had big-city bosses who made political payoffs. 

Barbeque City

Throughout Kansas City, you will be able to find plenty of BBQ restaurants. The city has more BBQ eateries per capita than any other city. 

Plenty of Green Spaces

There is a variety of green spaces to explore in Kansas City MO. Here you will find Swope Park which covers 1 805 acres and is two times bigger than Central Park in New York City. Swope Park is the largest urban park in the country and it holds a golf course, a pool, the Starlight Theater, the Kansas City Zoo, and nine soccer fields. 

Final Thought

The city of Kansas City has a lot of exciting things to explore, from museums and entertainment to nature. The best way to learn more about the city and find out surprising fun facts is to head over to Kansas City MO yourself and mingle with the locals.