Commercial Solar Roofing in Kansas City

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 Looking into Solar Roofing for your Commercial Building?

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Above All Construction are your Kansas City commercial solar panel roofing installation experts! We can help any business own with the unique challenges of installing solar panels on any commercial roof, allowing their business to enjoy the same benefits of solar roofing that our residential customers get!

Rooftop solar systems are more efficient and less expensive than ground-mounted systems because they use the existing structure of your roof for their foundation. They also save space, since nearly all of the businesses we consult with have space they aren’t using on their roof anyway. Above All Construction can attach solar roofing to any of the following commercial roof materials:

  • Composite
  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Single Ply Membranes
  • Gravel Ballasted

Of course, we can also accommodate sloped commercial roofs as well. These are easy to work with, since the slanted construction allows us to position the panels toward the sun with little work.

Installing Commercial Solar Roofing

As Kansas City commercial solar panel roofing installation experts, Above All Construction can answer all your questions about installing commercial solar roofing components. You should definitely have an expert at hand to field all your questions and concerns before having solar roofing installed for two reasons: 1) you’ll know the job is being done right and 2) you will get the maximum efficiency out of your solar system.

Getting your commercial solar roofing installed correctly should be the primary goal of your solar roofing expert. Some Kansas City roofers will tell you that it isn’t necessary to penetrate the roofing material in order to achieve a secure connection between the roof and the new solar panels, but at Above All Construction, we’ve rarely found that that’s the case.

In almost every situation, we find it necessary to attach the solar system to your commercial roof. As you might guess, this could lead to roof leaks unless those connections are made and secured properly. Above All Construction goes the extra mile to secure your commercial solar panels and protect your business from leaks, pests, and other problems!

Once your commercial solar roofing is installed, you will see a decrease in your energy costs. This is partly because of the added insulation your solar roof will provide and partly because of the energy it will generate for your commercial property. Many business owners are also glad to see that their roof is protected from fading and damage by their new solar panels.

Any commercial or public property is a good candidate for solar roofing. We have been the go-to Kansas City commercial solar panel roofing installation experts for many business owners and property managers, including all of the following:

  • Schools
  • Training facilities
  • Military bases
  • Solar collection and distribution centers
  • Local businesses
  • Construction businesses and warehouses

Don’t let a Kansas City roofing company tell you that solar panels aren’t an option for your business! Above All Construction can work around whatever challenges your roof may present in order to benefit your business!

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