Your Roof Always Needs Attention


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Your roof has you covered, literally. So it’s extremely important that you keep it covered, too…in a figurative sense. As your Kansas City roofing pro, Above All Construction has a few tips that can keep your roof in good shape for many years to come! 



  • Inspect the roof twice a year, at minimum

It doesn’t take long to do a quick check of your roof. Many defects and damages can be seen from the ground or from a ladder, without ever actually setting foot on the roof itself. If you aren’t able to do a roof inspection yourself or you’d just rather not, professional companies like Above All Construction can do them for you. 

  • Keep the gutters cleaned out

If the gutters are full, snow, ice and rain can’t escape your roof. Ice dams and backed up water will destroy your roof! Don’t wait until your gutters are completely clogged, because they’ll be harder to clean. Instead, give them a quick cleaning every other month, maybe monthly during the fall and early winter. You can schedule regular gutter cleanings with a professional team as well. 

  • Trim trees that overhang the roof

Limbs of any size are a natural enemy of residential roofs. A storm or just a strong wind can blow weakened branches out of a tree and onto your roof. The damages may not be severe, but they will need immediate attention. Keeping your roof clear of limbs that can fall on it or scrape it is the best preventative tip we can give! 

  • Keep an eye out for moss and algae

Moss and algae grow in shady, moist areas. As you can imagine, it isn’t great to have added weight and moisture just sitting on your roof. Unchecked, these growths can cause water leaks, rotting, cracking and rust, depending on the type of roof you have. During your regular roof inspections, look for beginning signs of moss and algae and take precautions to get rid of it right away, before it becomes a much bigger issue! 

  • Maintain the insulation and ventilation

The insulation in your roof can prevent ice dams from forming in winter, and it can keep your energy costs down throughout the year. The ventilation also helps with temperature fluctuations, and it reduces the amount of moisture that is able to develop in your attic, between the insulation and roof, and on the roof itself. 

By following these simple steps, you can prolong your roof’s lifespan. A roof leak can destroy valuable, irreplaceable items in your home and cause damage that is costly and irritating to repair, especially when you know that the damage could have been prevented! 

Take our word for it: Roof maintenance will help you avoid untimely repairs and roof replacement! Just by following these 5 tips for roof care from a Kansas City roofing pro you trust, you will save money and frustration for the life of your roof!