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What are the Benefits of Solar Roofing?

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home, even just a portion of it, can have many impressive benefits and absolutely no negative effects on you and your family, your home or the environment. When you think about it that way, it’s a wonder that more homeowners don’t choose Above All Construction to do solar panel roofing installation more often!

Consider these advantages of solar roofing when installing or replacing your home’s roof in the future. No matter how old your home is or what roofing material it currently has, our team can incorporate solar panels into the mix in order to give you all these things:

  • Lower energy costs

Solar panel roofing installation starts saving you money on energy bills the moment that you have it done. Most days, your Kansas City home will receive enough sunlight to run the lights and many appliances within. Even on cloudy days, your solar roofing will absorb energy from the sun. The average home will be able to eliminate a large portion of their energy costs. Many can eliminate them altogether.

  • Extra money from tax credits and rebates

Some homeowners are shocked to see how their solar panels actually pay for themselves in tax credits and rebates. State and federal rebates are available for homeowners, and between these and tax credits, you may find that your solar panels will earn you 30% or more back on your initial purchase. By the time you figure in long-term energy savings, you really will see a 100% return!

  • Increased efficiency

Your solar panel roofing installation will help your home maintain its temperature throughout the year as an added layer of insulation. Especially during the summer, it will be a cost-effective way of protecting your home from the sun’s direct rays, keeping the inside of your home cooler with less effort.

  • Longer roof life

As an added benefit, your roof will be protected from weather damage, rotting, fading, pests, and a many other things that typically affect residential roofs after a number of years. You could end up adding 10 years or more to the life of your roof, saving even more money in repairs and roof replacement along the way.

  • Reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by your home

You could improve the environment and reduce the amount of pollution that is produced by your home. This is good for plants, air, water, animals, and, of course, people. If every home had at least a portion of its roof dedicated to solar power, the amount of greenhouse gases in the air could be greatly reduced.

Aside from these benefits, many U.S. government agencies predict that increased use of residential solar panels would create jobs for many Americans in the clean energy industry. Above All Construction supports the use of residential solar roofing as a means to achieve these great benefits.

With absolutely no negative consequences associated with solar panels, you really can’t go wrong when you have our team professionally install your residential solar panels!

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