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In Need of Replacement or Repairs on Your Residential Flat Roof?

A flat roof may not seem like the best option for a home, but Above All Construction can give you the information you need in order to decide if one might be right for you! We have a professional roofing team that is completely comfortable handling unique jobs like residential flat roof installation and repair, as well as the more common. That’s what makes us Kansas City’s favorite roofing and construction company!

As you can imagine, the design of a flat roof will allow rain, snow, and ice to build up and makes it a lot harder for your roof to get rid of these things. Therefore, the design of the roof must be carefully planned for each home specifically so that it functions properly. This takes a keen eye and experienced design team, not to mention a trusting homeowner to give us license to see the project through with professional results!

Flat Roofs and Modern Home Designs

The most common home design where you’ll see flat roofs is on contemporary homes. These structures can be quite striking in their appearance, and many homeowners like the simplicity and minimalistic look of a flat roof. If you have a contemporary home, you should definitely think about the way a flat roof could change the look of your property.

Switching from a sloped roof to a flat one gives a clean, horizontal line to your property and can draw the eye to certain features while minimizing others. An experienced roofing contractor can tell you how these effects may work for you and your particular property challenges and goals. Above All Construction has team members who know the advantages and limitations of residential flat roofing, and they are ready and willing to explain these pros and cons to any homeowner wanting to add a modern, edgy touch to their home.

Other Uses for Residential Flat Roofing

Our Kansas City customers are constantly looking for solutions to roofing issues all around their home. Flat roof installation and repair is an idea for anyone who has added on to their home or someone who is replacing their home’s roof and would like to make a little change.

In some cases, a flat roof may be the best bet for a shed, for dormers, or over added on structures such as porches, garages or balconies. A section of flat roof is a great way to add visual interest and depth to your home’s exterior. Choosing to roof a small portion of your home or an outlying structure with an unexpected flat roof is a great way to shake things up.

Flat roof installation and repair isn’t the easiest thing. Products and techniques have come a long way, but you still need an expert team like Above All Construction to get the installation of the flashing and roof material done right! A sleek flat roof isn’t worth dealing with the leaks that will come with unprofessional installation. We’re ready to talk to you any time about installing a residential flat roof that will look great on your home.

No commercial roofing material is without its own set of disadvantages. To be upfront with our customers, Above All Construction experts try to explain the pros and cons of each to be sure that the customer is well aware of what they’re getting before they make a choice!

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