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Seeking Commercial Flat Roofing Service?

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The majority of commercial properties have flat roofs. This is mostly because flat roofs are cost-effective. It also has to do with how high the peak of the roof would have to be on a large commercial building. That’s a lot of wasted space. Businesses could opt for multi-peaked, sloped roofs, but that can get very expensive, and it’s hard to find a commercial roofer that is willing to put the work in on such a complex project.

Therefore, for your business, there’s Kansas City flat roof installation and repair services you can trust from Above All Construction! We do commercial flat roof repair, even on roofs we didn’t install in the first place. Of course, we love being called to do the project right from the start since we’re experts in commercial Kansas City flat roof installation, but we can always help out a commercial customer who has run into trouble with their previous roof installer.

The Truth About Flat Roofs

You may not realize that flat roofs are not actually flat. They actually have a 1-2% slope. It’s hard to build a flat roof to this specific slope, so your commercial roofer needs to be highly trained and experienced in order to meet this precise measurement.

A sloped roof is much more efficient at removing rain water and snow, obviously, but a well-built flat roof can do just as good a job if it is built correctly. When you have a commercial flat roof installed, ask your contractor about the commercial flat roof repair needs you will inevitably have in the future. They should be able to handle those for you, too. If the company only does flat roof installation and replacement but not repairs, you’re better off choosing a company like Above All Construction that can handle your installation, any necessary repairs along the way, and the eventual roof replacement that will be needed years down the road!

Types of Commercial Flat Roofing

There are many types of flat roofs to choose from. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as specific installation procedures. These are things that must be taken into account for every Kansas City flat roof installation. A lot depends on the type of building you have, as well as the price range you’re comfortable with, as well as the lifespan you’re looking to get out of your commercial flat roof.

The following types of flat roofs are all available from Above All Construction:

  • Spray-on coating
  • PVC
  • Bitumen
  • Modified bitumen
  • EPDM
  • BUR
  • TPO

Repairs and Replacement

Our services also include commercial flat roof repair for your business or other commercial property. A flat roof can be a challenge to repair because of its construction. Above All Construction can handle the careful process with the amount of skill and knowledge that it takes to perform these delicate operations!

Make a wise choice when you are looking for a professional roofer to give your commercial roof the care it needs, from installation to repairs and replacement!

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